Coal isn’t as sinister as it has been made out to be and we’ve got a few reasons why, here at Pearson Fuels. If you didn’t know already, coal is one of largest and cheapest sources of energy that we use to produce heat and electricity across the majority of the world. It is infinitely cheaper than nuclear power, natural gas and other oil solutions, though water power is somewhat slightly cheaper. However hydropower has its own problems, and cannot be relied upon as readily as coal can. The stable source of energy that coal provides means there is no sudden scarcity of material to use, which is one of the main problems of using natural gas. There is a very plentiful supply of coal throughout the entire world, and it is nothing more than old wood that has been trapped under the ground for countless years. It will continue to exist there, and in the future it shall also exist. As such, many jobs are created from the industry surrounding coal.

Unlike other forms of energy, the amount of jobs that are required in pulling coal from the ground are substantially more numerous than jobs in other energy capacities. Transports are needed, aids to burn the coal to create electricity and those responsible of properly disposing the material waste produced after burning the product. As such, the amount of jobs created and paid for by coal are nothing to shake a fist at. Plus, the environmental impact of coal is lessening as time passes, with environmental responsibility becoming paramount to the interests of coal mining corporations worldwide. As for global warming, there is no sustainable alternative energy resource that can be pursued, but every step is being taken to prevent global warming.

Here at Pearson Fuels, we seek to provide smokeless coal and home coal to houses in and around Stockport and Manchester. Smokeless fuel can be hard to come across, but we provide an affordable, family driven approach to providing coal to heat your home. If you’re in need of smokeless coal in Manchester or Stockport, feel free to give us a call or contact us on our site!

Coal is one of the most numerous fuels in the fossil fuel family, and probably has the longest, most varied history of all of them. Ever since the first human set foot outside of his cave and felt the freezing cold breeze against his skin, coal has been at the forefront of heating and technology of our species. Archaeologists have uncovered evidence that the Romans began to use it after arriving in England. This was only the start of a bright spark that would come to advance the world to a new age as we know it today.

In the 1700s, we Englishmen stumbled upon the fact that coal could produce a fuel that burned in a hotter, cleaner way than wood and charcoal. It was used overwhelmingly as a source of energy during the Industrial Revolution, providing a real opportunity for the fuel to fill its role as the chief supplier of energy. Coal fuelled Steamships and steam-powered railroads stemmed from the small, black rock that came to be prized across the world.

But coal as we know it mainly for today was first used in 1880 to generate electricity and heat for home and factories. Furnaces and stoves that were previously fuelled by expensive stashes of wood were now available for everyone, coal leading the way forward for cheap, efficient heating. These days, we’ve found even better ways to fuel our chimneys with smokeless coal and house coal. However, it can be hard to source out for yourself.

Luckily, Pearson Fuels is a well-established family business that does all the hard work for you! Of course, we don’t mind it—but we enjoy supplying our smokeless coal across the local area to those who need smokeless fuel for their houses. Coal merchants are in short supply, and luckily if you live in Stockport or the areas surrounding it such as Manchester, Pearson Fuels would be glad to supply you with all the smokeless fuel you need.

With the recent weather it’s been hard to get outdoors and enjoy what should be a beautiful week, however the rain has been hitting us all hard here in Manchester, and the weather isn’t as good as we’d like it to be. Thanks to technology however, we’ve all been able to flee indoors to the relative comfort of our homes. However, you don’t need to be under the weather with Pearson Fuels providing you with essential products that you need to stock your fireplace, including accessories such as pan sets, hods, firescreens, coal buckets and spark guards! Never should your fireplace be unheated ever again, especially in the recent cold spells we’ve had!

But that’s not all. Pearson Fuels specialises in smokeless coal and house coal for your home. The advantages of using smokeless coal are that you can use it even if you live in a Smoke Control Area as defined under the 1993 Clean Air Act, and it delivers high heat for how much it weighs, leaving little soot behind, so not only does the air continue to be clear, but your home does also. Should you have a build-up of soot in your chimney from using our home coal, our professional chimney sweeping service has you covered, though by using the smokeless coal provided by Pearson Fuels you shouldn’t encounter this problem often!

Pearson Fuels is a family run business of coal merchants based in Stockport, though we service Manchester and nearby, offering smokeless fuel such as smokeless coal to a wide area. Should you be in need of extra heat, why not come to us for our wood and kindling stocks, which are usable in a wide range of appliances. We also offer house coal for use indoors so there’s no reason to be hesitant! Contact us today for all your coal needs.

This week China made a move to halt pollution levels in their air, planning to ban the use of coal in the north as well as other materials such as biomass fuels. However, there are concerns that this will greatly affect the coal industry in the neighbouring country of Australia, where China is a large customer. However, over here in the UK, business is booming! However, even as China moves to ban the usage of these fuels, the world still requires coal, as it is an easy resource to make use of, offering a great deal of functions such as producing electricity, industry, is used in smelting and in the past coal helped Great Britain become the proud country it is today! Simply by fuelling the railways that were so essential to our growth, coal has become one of the most useful commodities of the modern world. Lastly, but not least, coal can be used for heating.

What’s a home without warmth, right? Here at Pearson Fuels, we have a comprehensive selection of fuels for use in a wide range of heating appliances, so you can heat up your home for the winter without worrying so much about the price. With our fireside accessories, smokeless fuel, kindling and house coal selection, you can truly customise your fireplace for the winter. We also offer a professional and tidy chimney sweeping service in Stockport and surrounding local areas, such as Manchester and Glossop. As a member of the National Association of Chimney Sweeps, you can trust us to do the job right.

If you need smokeless coal or fuel, or cheap coal to fuel your home, Pearson Fuels is an approved coal merchant, and will handle your needs in a professional manner, providing a fully insured service. If you need a chimney sweep, we’ve also got you covered. Servicing areas such as Manchester, Rochdale and more, don’t hesitate to contact us!