Why leave your fireplace cold and bare when it could be used to heat up your house? Fireplaces have been used for heating homes throughout history and there’s a reason why. Coal and other smokeless fuels such as logs can burn for long and cost a lot less than other, more contemporary methods. Most people have chimneys in their homes but they are not used! It’s usually because they’re old, or haven’t been used in some time. Luckily for you, we are partnered with Pearson Sweep and they can do the job as good as anyone! With new technology and good technique, together we can get the fire in your house stoked and going again. With our smokeless fuels, you may be able to keep that house warmer, for longer. Imagine watching television with the heat of the fire keeping the cold of the winter out!

You don’t have to imagine it. It can be real! All you need to do is give us a call by phone, or visit our online shop to order. Our ovals and logs are affordable and great quality. We also deliver from our location in Stockport. If you need good quality coals and other smokeless fuels at great prices, you needn’t look elsewhere! With 15 years of experience in the industry, we’re the ones you can trust to get your materials delivered.

It seems that affordable coal merchants are becoming something of a rarity. Pearson Fuels is here to provide for the everyday individual, with everyday needs. Whether it’s the wish to get your chimney working again, or if you just want to feel cosy in your own home, don’t let anything stop you!

We offer the best smokeless coal and other types of smokeless fuel that will do the job without causing too much soot build up. Be sure to check out our partner, Pearson Sweep, if you need your chimney swept. If you think you could benefit from our coal, give Pearson Fuels a call and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Of every useful product out there, none have had the effect on society and history that the simple coal has. From its discovery, to its use, it has been used to generate energy and heat across the globe for hundreds of years. From its use in traditional forging, to being placed in fireplaces like today, many men and women over the years have paid homage to the small, black rock. In fact, Britain wouldn’t be what it was today without coal. Though, we doubt that many homeowners across the UK wonder too much about that. The more worrying and present fear is that coal is becoming less affordable! What can people do, other than buy at high prices?

Many countries around the globe are taking steps against coal usage en masse, but it is affecting the simple homeowner at home, who simply wants to keep himself warm. Pearson Fuels have been in the business for years, and with countless years of experience under our belts, we have developed a business that provides the consumer with the power to select what to put in their fireplaces, at home or in work.

With a delivery service on many coals and accessories for your fireplace, we’ve built up a large customer base that has allowed us to provide coal to many towns and cities in the North West. Whether you’re in Stockport, Manchester or any town around, you needn’t go cold. Visit our online shop for pricings, or give us a call! We’re always around to provide great quality coal at affordable prices to you, the consumer. Even if you’re in a controlled area, we have alternative options such as firewood or smokeless fuels that will allow you to heat your home traditionally without breaching any laws.

With affordable coal merchants becoming something of a rarity, Pearson Fuels is here to provide for the everyday individual. If you’re considering using traditional methods, or if you just want to get that chimney working again, smokeless coal and other types of smokeless fuels (such as anthracite) will do the job better than any. If you’re in need of heat, give Pearson Fuels a call and we’ll see what we can do for you.

If there’s one thing people across the country are sharing this Christmas, it’s the cold. Everyone has stepped out of their homes in the morning and felt the biting cold, though for the more unfortunate, many feel it inside their homes also. For those with chimneys, it doesn’t have to be so. If your chimney has been cleared or swept, you can start using coal straight away.

Our partner Pearson Sweeps can help you with any problems you might have with a blocked chimney. Otherwise, Pearson Fuels can do the job for you. Our coal is affordable, and if you wish to use alternative heating methods, we’re the only place to go. Coal merchants are becoming scarcer, but that doesn’t have to affect you. Whether you’re in the heart of Manchester, Stockport or in Oldham, you shouldn’t have to be welcomed back into the house by a cold wind. Get that fire on and warm up your house for Christmas!

Whilst fireplaces are rather traditional, they have been a part of many British houses for centuries, and there’s a reason why. They are an effective method of heating rooms, they look good and the feeling of stocking and lighting a fire can be one of the cosiest feelings in the world. If you’ve never tried it, you’ll never know! Coal and fuel for fireplaces doesn’t have to be expensive. That’s why Pearson Fuels is in the business! Our ovals are effective, affordable and numerous. You can get to stoke that fireplace in your house right away with our delivery service, just visit our online shop for pricings and details, or call us if you need more information.

For great quality coal that doesn’t produce too much soot, our smokeless coal and smokeless fuels are useable in areas where other (more damaging) coals are not allowed by the council. If you are unsure, call us for details. We hope to hear from you soon, and of course, if your chimney is blocked or old, feel free to contact our partner, Pearson Sweeps for your chimney sweep Manchester!