Smokeless Coal Merchants

Whether you’re searching for bags packed full to the brim with smokeless coal, mixed pallets or kiln dried logs ready to get a fantastically burning fire on the go, we here at Pearson Fuels are wholly confident that everything you need can be found right here at our smokeless coal merchants. We’re more than able to provide for you, your fireplace and more, and we’ve gone to every length to ensure that our standards of service are every bit as incredible as the products we have to offer.

You’ll find that our nationwide delivery service is fast, efficient and completely free of charge, ensuring that you get exactly what you order as soon as possible with no need to worry. Just specify a location kerb or road side, and we’ll be there at a time that’s convenient for you – and with the chill of winter upon us, it’s not a moment too soon to order from our smokeless coal merchants.

The winter months can be the most taxing for those who either rely on burning logs and coal to stay warm, but it’s also a great time to get your fireplace going no matter what. Can you imagine coming in from the cold and huddling around a strong, cleanly burning fire? To that end, as top smokeless coal merchants we’re always fully stocked with the latest and greatest products during the end of the year and the following winter months, ensuring that you’ll always have a place to turn for the best supply possible.

We’re the number one choice for a huge number of people looking for smokeless coal merchants they can trust, so why not come and experience the benefits of our service which put us on the map?

Next time you go looking for the perfect smokeless coal merchants complete with a fantastic stock of products and a service that definitely won’t disappoint, don’t hesitate to check out what we could do for you here at Pearson Fuels!  Simply make sure that you get in contact with our team, either by phone or email, and we’ll make sure that you’ll receive exactly what you’ve been looking for.

kiln dried logs

It’s nearly Christmas! That means presents from family and friends as well as those given in return, fantastic festive decorations, incredible food, and jolly times all round. It also means that Santa’s going to be doing his rounds on the houses, parking his sled on rooftops and hopping on down the chimney to bring joy across the country – or so we thought when we were kids! Depending on your point of view, Santa Claus might not be using your chimney this Christmas, but there’s still every reason to keep it clean!

To that end, smokeless coal is the perfect fuel for anyone interested in keeping their chimney as clean as possible for as long as possible, as it does exactly what it says on the tin and produces no smoke for an incredible amount of heat generated in return. You may even find that our smokeless coal is more efficient than other house coal alternatives, so don’t wait to get in touch with our team if you’re in the market for anthracite or anything else from our tremendous stock of top quality smokeless coal.

Of course many of us prefer to burn kiln dried logs over coal, but cutting down on smoke with firewood logs is often a little bit harder of a task. Not to worry, though, as Pearson Fuels definitely has you covered in more ways than one.

You only have to take a look through our website to discover our many kinds of top quality kiln dried logs, and we can guarantee that they’re the perfect thing to create a clean burning, highly efficient fire every time. We make sure that every one of our kiln dried logs is properly devoid of any moisture content, the primary source of smoke, which also means that these logs will light incredibly easily while burning for a long time. We’ve even gone as far to specially treat each log to remove chemicals and other sources of wear on your chimney, so why wait to invest?

If you’re looking to keep your chimney smoke free, and squeaky clean enough for Santa to drop down it with your presents in hand (you never know!), make sure you look into what Pearson Fuels could do for you in the way of top quality smokeless coal and kiln dried logs of the utmost highest quality. Our team is just waiting to deliver a fantastic result, so make sure you get in contact as soon as you can!

kiln dried logs

With all of our wood coming from the finest sources deep in the heart of Latvia and Lithuania, we here at Pearson Fuels only ever import the freshest firewood logs to be treated and processed into our top quality kiln dried logs. This ensures that they’re already of outstanding quality before we even get our hands on them, and it guarantees that the end product is sure to create a brightly burning, incredibly efficient fire no matter what.

Where most stove manufacturers specify a 20% moisture content or less for efficient burning, we’ve made sure that our own kiln dried logs are considerably lower than that mark and you’re sure to be pleased by the results.

The last thing anyone needs is kiln dried logs with a moisture content higher than it needs to be! Improperly dried logs or low quality firewood is guaranteed to create an inefficient, smouldering fire full of tars and smoke, and that can be especially damaging for those of use burning kiln dried logs as fuel for a fireplace. This is because of the damage that smoke can cause to chimneys in large amounts, corrosively wearing down the lining of your chimney, blackening glass panels and causing unnecessary amounts of wear that can easily be avoided simply by investing in the right kiln dried logs.

You won’t ever have to worry about the quality of your kiln dried logs when you invest in what we’ve got to offer here at Pearson Fuels, however, as all of our logs are sourced from the freshest sources and won’t let you down!

So, needless to say, if you’ve been on the lookout for the finest kiln dried logs imported from a fantastic source then you’ll definitely be interested in what we’ve got to offer here at Pearson Fuels. Don’t wait to get in contact if what we have is the ideal thing for you and your wood burning appliances. Our team just can’t wait to hear from you and get you the essential kiln dried logs you need!

smokeless coal merchants

Smokeless coal is a healthier alternative to traditional house coal not only for your chimney, but it’s also a much cleaner choice with regards to the quality of the air outside. It’s even likely that smoke restrictions will extend so much that by 2018 smokeless coal will be the only option for most of us, but it never hurts to make the switch early – especially if you want to ensure longevity with regards to the well-being of your chimney.

So where do you get the very best smokeless coal around? Well, you certainly won’t have to look too far!

With the incredible smokeless coal found here at Person Fuels, you won’t have to compromise a thing in the way of quality to get a fire that’s clean burning as well as highly efficient. We’ve made sure that all of the products in our stock are fully capable of fuelling a brightly burning fire that’s sure to last for a long time, with every one of our smokeless products producing a much lower ash content and even beating traditional house coal for efficiency.

Take a look through our full stock of smokeless coal, including popular and proven choices such as anthracite, and we can guarantee that you’ll find something that meets your every individual need and requirement. From there, our dedication to ensuring a speedy delivery no matter what quantity of smokeless coal you order will get everything from our stock to your hands in no time at all!

If you’re on the lookout for smokeless coal merchants at the ready to provide the very finest smokeless coal or kiln dried logs perfect at cutting down on smoke, we here at Pearson Fuels definitely have what you need. We’re a highly dedicated team of suppliers just waiting for your call, so don’t wait to get in contact and order the finest smokeless coal on the market today.



coal merchants Manchester

If you’re looking through what we’ve got to offer as coal merchants Manchester-wide and you’re searching for the perfect smokeless coal to fuel an open fire or multi-fuel stove, we’d definitely have to recommend Supertherm. It’s an absolutely top notch product which is fully HETAS approved and ready to burn brightly for a very long time to come, with a minimal ash content highlighting just how efficient this fuel can be for you.

There’s always anthracite, too, which is by far one of the most popular choices for smokeless coal when people come calling for our services as leading coal merchants Manchester-wide. It’s well known for its long burning time and high heat output, making it perfect for multi-fuel stoves, room heaters and more. It’s also the perfect example of how little smoke can be produced for a brightly burning flame, so you can relax knowing that your chimney won’t be too stressed even under frequent use.

Of course, as well as producing very little to no smoke, you’re sure to find that all of our smokeless coal products are more than capable of producing a level of efficiency and effectiveness to rival more traditional coal options. This makes them a dream come true for anyone living under restrictions which prevent the burning of your average house coal, especially when they’re on sale at such great prices here at our coal merchants Manchester-wide. Why not get in touch as soon as you can?

All it takes is a simple phone call or email to our team of coal merchants Manchester-wide to let them know what you need, and our top standards of delivery will soon ensure that you get everything you need in the way of top quality smokeless coal you couldn’t do without. Make Pearson Fuels your number one choice for coal merchants Manchester-wide by getting in contact today, and you won’t regret it!

coal merchants

There are a lot of ways to store coal that people have tried over the years, and it’s always amusing to see the ingenuity of people looking to create their own solutions! We’ve even heard a tip that repurposing an old wheelie bin or dustbin can create your very own DIY coal bunker for free, but we’re a little sceptical of that one…

While it’s tempting to look into your own solution, there’s definitely risk involved. For example, poor quality coal bunkers or even repurposed bins might be initially cheap, but they definitely don’t hold up in the long run. After all, even the slightest failure or damage might allow moisture into the bunker and into your coal stocks, giving you fuel which is harder to burn and guaranteed to produce more smoke.

This can be particularly harmful in a number of ways, not least of all because of the steady wear and tear that excessive smoke can cause when passing through your chimney. By burning top quality house coal that’s been stored correctly, and the same goes for kiln dried logs, you’ll be able to light more fires for longer without having to call in a chimney sweep when your flue begins to clog up with soot, creosote and other harmful materials. That’s a big part of why incredible coal bunkers are so necessary!

Fortunately, we’ve got everything you could ever need in the way of incredible coal bunkers at a fantastic price, offering unbeatable prices for similarly top standards of quality, so don’t wait to have a look at what we could do for you!

Here at Pearson Fuels, we’re highly reliable coal merchants and specialists when it comes to providing top quality coal bunkers that you simply couldn’t do without. The top quality construction of all of our coal bunkers will ensure that your coal will stay perfectly dry and ready to use at a moment’s notice, so don’t settle for less than the best! Make sure you get in contact if you have any questions or queries.