There are many different forms of coal and due to this, it is possible for each type to be given its own use. Coal ash is formed from burning coal in power plants that are used in order to produce electricity and instead of throwing it in a toxic landfill, the material is used for various other purposes. Here is the lowdown on coal ash…

What is it?

Coal ash is material formed from burning coal and it includes a range of different by-products, such as:

  • Fly ash which is a fine powder that contains a high concentration of silica. It is made from burning coal in a boiler.
  • Bottom ash which is a coarse particle that is too big to carry into the smoke stacks and thus forms at the bottom of a coal furnace.
  • Boiler slag, which is a molten form of bottom ash. After it is cooled with water, it turns into pellets that have a glassy texture.
  • Flue gas desulfurization material, which is a material left over from the reduction of sulphur dioxide in a coal boiler. It can be a wet sludge type of material or a dry powdered material.

Why is coal ash reused?

Throwing away coal ash is not very wise as reusing it in different industries has a range of environmental and economic benefits. For example:

  • It can reduced the emissions of greenhouse gases, reduce the amount of disposal in landfills and prevent harmful effects on the environment.
  • The costs of coal ash disposal is reduced and a higher revenue can be gained from selling coal ash.
  • Coal ash has a range of industry benefits like improved strength and durability.

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A housefire can be a dangerous thing to have in the home which means it’s essential that it is correctly cared for. After all, it only takes a split second for a fire to spread if someone takes their eyes off it. Here at Pearson Fuels, we are all about fire safety which is why we’ve put together this blog on the most important accessories every burning fire should have…


In order to tend to a wood burning fire correctly, every home should have a fireplace poker at hand that is able to hook, rake and push the burning firewood. It is recommended that you choose a poker that has an insulated handle as this will help prevent burns. A poker can come in varying lengths however as one may expect, a long poker will provide the best protection from the flames as the user will be further away.


Whilst a poker helps you move the wood and other fuels around safely, tongs come in handy when the firewood needs to be picked up. As the wood will be very hot, it is very dangerous to pick up the wood with your hands or try to balance it between two pokers so tongs are advised.


Whatever you burn, something will be left behind. For example, burning wood results in ashes. In order to maintain a clean area, this ash must be cleaned up however the last thing you will want to use is your own broom, which is why a fireplace broom is so essential.

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America has been in the news on many occasions since Donald Trump managed to win the 2016 Presidential Election, however it usually isn’t the result of a positivity. Climate change is an issue that we as a population must be dedicated to tackling together, but the 45th President of the United States seems to have other ideas as he made headlines on June 1st 2017 after withdrawing from the accord.

Here at Pearson Fuels, we know that there are many contributing factors towards global warming with the use of coal in abundance being one of them. The team are here to bring you the lowdown on the Paris Climate Accord and discuss what Trump’s withdrawal could mean for the coal miners of America…

The Paris Climate Acord was negotiated by 196 representatives and adopted in December of 2015 when Barack Obama was still serving as 44th President of the United States. The aim of the accord is to ensure that every country plans and reports its contributions to global warming in an effort to prevent increases.

Unfortunately, the decision to withdraw from the accord sends a very negative message to the world from America and simply suggests that the most powerful country in the world will not take responsibility for the damages that it has inflicted by contributing to global warming. In fact, it is likely that the decision will have consequences for the US such as straining political relationships, uncertainty regarding mining jobs and even economical effects.

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Up until August 4th 1842, children played a very big part of the coal mining industry in the UK. In fact, before the law was passed and prevented women and children under the age of 10 from working in underground mines in Britain, it wasn’t uncommon for whole families to work in the mines in order to earn enough money. Whilst it is illegal now, the Victorians would have seen child labour as a normal part of everyday life and children as young as 5 were employed; carrying out the same hours as adults for less payment. Here at Pearson Fuels, we’re going to go over some of the key aspects of Victorian Coal Mining…


This was the title that was often given to the youngest members of a family who were working underground. It was a very simple job and involved opening and closing the wooden trap doors that paved the way for fresh air to flow into the mines. Trappers would sit for twelve hours at a time in complete darkness and waited to allow the coal tub through the trap doors.

Hurrier and Thruster

Older children were given the title of hurrier/thruster and would pull/push the tubs of coal along the railways. Young children who were a part of this job role would team up to get the work done- however the older kids and women had to work alone. It was a very difficult job that involved hard labour.


For the strongest and oldest members of the family, the getter was a job role most commonly received. It involved working at the coal with a pickaxe. The getters were the only individuals that worked with a candle as they required the light to see the coal.

The team here at Pearson Fuels are very glad that the 1842 law prevented child labour from being abused and allowed many children to gain the education they deserved. Of course, the coal we provide has been collected by professionals only and we are proud to be a supplier of coal in 21st century! Get in contact with best coal merchants around to find out more information today!