Imported Firewood


At Pearson Fuels, where we get our imported firewood is an issue that is very close to our hearts. Forestry is an important part of the Latvian economy and Latvia’s Minister of Agriculture, Janis Duklavs, has recently revealed the plan to adopt a sustainable approach to forestry.

With a keen interest in promoting green growth, Pearson Fuels have imported firewood from Latvia and Lithuania, both countries known for their heavily dense forestry.

Another important factor when choosing wholesale firewood for burning, is the wood’s moisture content. Any water in our wholesale firewood is boiled away so the wood burns effectively. It also means that in an efficient stove, you will actually use far less firewood, making it more cost effective.

Logs that are not dry will result in a fire that smoulders and creates lots of tars and smoke. These tars can be corrosive, potentially damaging the lining of the flue and increasing the danger of a chimney fire. Wet logs tend to blacken glass in stoves even if the stove is designed to keep the glass clean.

Many stove manufacturers often specify 20% moisture content or less and this is likely to take very long periods of time to achieve but at Pearson Fuels, we stock wholesale firewood, all logs with under 20% moisture, so meeting the stove manufacturer’s recommendations and ensuring a brilliant burn.

The majority of UK stove manufacturers will fit logs of 25cm in length and Pearson Fuels wholesale logs are cut to this specific measurement to ensure that our bulk logs will fit 99.9% of UK stoves.

If you need wholesale firewood or kiln dried firewood that is both sustainably and responsibly sourced, why not choose us for all your imported firewood needs.

All our imported firewood is sold only in bulk so if you need any wholesale firewood then you know who to call.

Call a Smokeless Coal provider such as Pearson Fuels today on 0161 427 1260 and we will assist wherever possible.