It’s always good to plan ahead. With the weather becoming balmier by the day you’re not going to be thinking much about your home fireplace. You might have thought through the winter months that you are definitely going to install a fireplace for next winter, but again, you leave it until the weather turns frosty before thinking of making the purchase.

Why Summer?

It is these summer months that are best for purchasing a new fireplace; most fireplace installers will be less busy through the hotter seasons, meaning they will have plenty of time to aid you in choosing and installing your new fireplace. When winter hits, people all over the country will be scrambling to have a fireplace installed, or checked, and companies will have a lot of customers to deal with. To ensure that every customer gets equal service, you may end up waiting a long time before engineers or other staff can get to you.

If you already have a fireplace, it can be easy to neglect it through summer when it isn’t being used. Failing to get it regularly checked and maintained can cause it to become filled with dust and other detritus that will cause problems when you light it again in the winter.

Special Offers

During winter, fireplace stocks fall low due to high demand. In summer, when demand is low, there will be special offers on ex-display items as well as discounted prices.

Businesses want to keep providing products and services during these quieter months and will be willing to do it much cheaper than when business is booming.

Having a fireplace installed in the summer means it might not see action for a few months. However, the savings will make the process worth it when winter arrives, and your new fireplace is ready to go. The money you save can even go towards stocking up on firewood and smokeless coal to keep you warm throughout the winter.

Fuel has evolved a lot over the years. One of the most useful (and necessary) evolutions in the fuel industry is the creation of smokeless coal. Britain’s homes used to be heated by coal, which lead to a health crisis; as the toxic fumes produced from the burning process was covering the country in a lethal smog.

Modern society isn’t affected as much by pollution from burning coal as it used to be, as most homes are now kept warm by electric heaters, or a gas central heating. Those who do choose to burn coal and other fuels in their homes must use smokeless.

But what is smokeless fuel?

To comply with The Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968, fuels are carefully tweaked through the manufacturing process to lower their smoke levels. A mixture of naturally occurring materials helps modern fuel produce less than 5g of smoke per hour of burning. This helps improve the health of the population as well as being more environmentally friendly.

Smokeless fuels are approved as authorised for burning in Smoke Controlled Areas of the country. These areas were introduced in most large towns and cities in the UK in accordance with The Clean Air Acts.

Smokeless fuels must pass rigorous tests to make sure they are capable of burning without releasing an excess of smoke. These solid fuels are carbon efficient, ideal for both open and closed fire applications.

As well as evolving a more environmentally friendly fuel source, modern smokeless fuels also outperform traditional solid fuels, helping customers save money.

Smokeless fuels typically last as much as 40% longer than coal, producing 20% less CO2 in the process.

Heating efficiency is also increased. Multi-fuel stoves have a 65% better heat output with smokeless coal, compared to the 28% output achieved by older house coal. The high efficiency of modern smokeless coal means customers spend less time refuelling the flames and less money restocking their supplies.

Visit Pearson Fuels Coal Merchants in Stockport to stock up on the industry’s leading smokeless coal for your home fire.



Our focus here at Pearson Fuels seems to be on our range of different coals and we think that it is time that we shed some light on the other products that we sell too. After all, not everybody uses coal as a source of fuel! Here is the lowdown on firewood…

Background Information

A very obscure fact about firewood is that the heat that is created is actually the energy of the sun itself, which is the ultimate source of all energy on the planet. During photosynthesis, trees store solar energy as a form of chemical energy which we then use for heat when burning the firewood. In a logical sense, burning wood is technically reversing the process of photosynthesis- however, unlike burning fossil fuels, no harmful gases are produced or released into the environment.

Seasoned Wood

Every single piece of firewood contains water. In fact, the statistics show that freshly cut wood will contain around 45% water whilst seasoned firewood has a moisture contents of 20-25%. Seasoning firewood means that it is easier to set alight, produces more heat and burns much cleaner.

Storing Firewood

Unfortunately, even well-seasoned firewood can be spoiled by incorrect or lousy storage. If your firewood is constantly exposed to rain or snow, it will keep absorbing water. This means it will either be unfit to burn or rot before it is able to be used. All firewood should be stored as far off the ground as possible and kept away from moisture.

If coal isn’t really your forte when it comes to fire fuels, check out our range of imported firewood! Where we source our imported firewood from is very close to our hearts and due to our interest in green growth, we have our firewood imported from Latvia. As the best of the best when it comes to smokeless coal, get in contact today to find out more about our firewood!

Ever wondered what the smoke from your coal fire is doing to your body? What it might be doing to your children? There are a few health risks that can be caused by the smoke of coal. Coal that produces a large amount of smoke can give your body a lot of health risks, for example; substantial evidence shows that exposure to smoke from the use of solid fuels in the home increases the risk of acute lower respiratory infections. This can have extreme negative effects on young children, as well as many adults. Exposure to household air pollution such as coal smoke accounts for more than half of deaths to childhood pneumonia in children under five years of age.

As a lot of us already know, smoke can also lead to lung cancer. Evidence has shown that individuals exposed to smoke from coal fires in the home have an elevated risk of lung cancer.

As well as in the household, there is also the environment to consider and the pollution effects that coal will have on the atmosphere. Air pollution caused by coal combustion can act on the respiratory system, contributing to serious health effects including asthma, lung disease and lung cancer, and adversely affect normal lung development in children.

Don’t take this as we’re trying to scare you- we’re trying to help you and make your coal fire safer for you and your family.  At Pearson Fuels, we offer smokeless coals, reducing all effects of normal coal, meaning that you can enjoy the warmth of a fire without the negative impacts to your health!

There are many benefits and positives of using smokeless coals, as it can improve the effects of health and the environment. Smokeless coal was invented in the 1940’s and 50’s to tackle the problem of air pollution from the burning of normal coal. Smoky coal was leading to health issues including the premature deaths of thousands of people in the UK every year. Unlike house coal, smokeless coal is suitable for a few different appliances, due to its great heating performance and attractive flame.

Smokeless coal is also more cost effective than your normal house coal. They burn hotter for longer, meaning you need to refuel your appliance less often. Since there is less smoke it decreases many of the health risks that smoky coals increases keeping your family home healthier for you and your loved ones.

Don’t just take our word for it, try out our smokeless coal yourself. We’d love to hear what you think!


Coal has been known as one of the dirtiest and most harmful fossil fuels that we use to generate power, such as electricity- after all, it was the cause of The Clean Air Act in 1956. The use of clean coal technology aims to help reduce the effects that coal has on the environment by using different forms of technology to help ‘clean’ the coal and reduce its emissions. Here at Pearson Fuels, we’ve put together a list of the top clean coal technologies…

  1. Some clean coal technologies will attempt to purify the coal before it is burned. For example, coal washing will remove unwanted minerals from the coal by mixing crushed coal with a liquid. They will then allow the impurities in the mixture to separate and settle before the coal is burnt.
  1. Other systems attempt to manage the coals burn to try and lower the emissions which enter the atmosphere, including sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulates. Wet scrubbers remove sulphur dioxide, which is a big cause of acid rain, by spraying the flue gases with limestone and water. A reaction takes place and the mixture reacts with the sulphur dioxide to form a component of drywall.
  1. Gasification is a process which actually avoids burning the coal altogether. With an IGCC system (integrated gasification combined cycle system), steam and hot air/oxygen is mixed with coal in a specific reaction so that the carbon molecules are forced apart. This results in syngas which is then cleaned and burned in a turbine to form electricity.

Here at Pearson Fuels, we think it is imperative that we try to limit global warming and prevent the spread of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, which is why we love educating our customers! We sell a range of smokeless coal which are a cleaner form of heating the home. Get in contact today!

In the lead-up to Christmas, it’s extremely likely that a lot of us will be switching on the fire and grabbing a mug of hot chocolate, as we get ourselves all cosy throughout the cold winter nights. We are all fully aware of the important benefits that come from both owning a fireplace and from using smokeless fuel, and so it’s surprising to find that so many people are put off purchasing one due to a few common misconceptions.

As with most industries, there are many myths surrounding the world of fireplaces and coal, and these can actually deter people from an open fire- which is ultimately costing them a pretty penny. In a year that has since the upheaval of Brexit, Donald Trump and pesky little Pokémon, we believe that you fully deserve to relax in front of a nice warm fire, and you shouldn’t let these myths hold you back from a comfortable winter.

That’s why we’re here at Pearson Fuels: to bust those myths once and for all! So sit back, relax and enjoy, as we put those misconceptions well and truly to bed.

They Are Expensive

Many people believe that fireplaces are far too expensive for what they do. There are those that are put off installing one simply because they think that they aren’t worth the money, however these people simply haven’t considered how much money they will save in the long run. Energy companies are always hiking up their prices, and you won’t have to worry about this if you’re using an open fire to heat your home. With such a high saving on energy bills, you’d be a fool not to go for a fireplace!

They Don’t Generate Enough Heat

Another common misconception is the idea that fireplaces just don’t generate enough heat, and that people will be better off just using their central heating. This simply isn’t true- as a fireplace being fuelled by some top quality coal is guaranteed to provide you with a warm, cosy environment that just can’t be matched by other energy sources. Not only will a fireplace keep you warm, it will also provide you with a place to relax in.

They Are Bad For The Environment

It’s surprising how many people believe that fireplaces are bad for the environment. They must see the smoke coming out of the chimney and automatically assume that fireplaces and coal are not eco-friendly, however they couldn’t be further from the truth. Using high quality, smokeless fuels will dramatically reduce the emissions and your carbon footprint, and using wooden logs means your utilising a sustainable energy source!

If you want to fuel your fire this Christmas with the best smokeless coal available, then please get in touch with us here at Pearson Fuels!


Ah, Christmas. It’s the only time of year when it seems acceptable to eat our own body weight in mince pies and to listen to a full Michael Buble album on repeat. We all clamour to find the perfect presents, the fattest turkeys and the brightest lights in our attempts to create the perfect Christmas. We’ll go to bed on Christmas Eve praying for just a little snow, while many of us will leave out a sneaky treat for when Santa Claus finally arrives.

Medium Crate of Kiln Dried Logs

We’re nearly coming into December and it’s certainly time to curl up by the fireplace. The weather is getting colder, wetter and, ultimately, just downright horrible- which is exactly why we recommend grabbing a comfy blanket and getting the fire roaring. If you want to stay comfortably snug this winter, then a fireplace is absolutely essential.

Here at Pearson Fuels, we are dedicated to showing our customers how they can get the most out of their fireplace and how to operate it correctly, and that’s why we offer a vast range of kiln dried logs. This firewood is crucial to running an efficient fireplace this winter, and it’s the best way of ensuring that you’ll have no trouble with keeping warm.

But what’s so great about kiln dried logs? Well, we’re here to run you through some of the major benefits.

  • Efficiency

First and foremost, kiln dried logs provide a firewood solution that just can’t be matched in terms of energy efficiency. Because these logs contain no moisture, this means that they are able to generate more heat. This means that you use less energy, and fewer logs, to get the same amount of heat you would from other types of firewood. Purchasing unseasoned wood will result in most of the heat and energy being lost up the chimney, as its huge moisture content causes most of it to simply evaporate. Due to their improved efficiency, kiln dried logs also last a lot longer than other types of wood, meaning that you can keep sitting comfortably instead of having to get up to replace the wood!

  • Easy

What a lot of people look for in a fireplace is for it to keep them warm with as little effort as possible. This is a reasonable expectation, and it certainly becomes a reality with kiln dried logs. This type of firewood is notoriously easy to light, meaning that you won’t find yourself bent over the fireplace cursing at a box of matches. Kiln dried logs take the stress and hassle away from your fireplace- and so head over to our online store to grab yourself some!

  • Clean

A huge benefit to kiln dried logs is how much cleaner they burn when compared to other types of wood. The lack of moisture in the wood results in an incredibly clean burn, which ultimately means that you don’t have to worry about your chimney getting dirty as soon as you light a fire!

Here at Pearson Fuels, we provide a range of smokeless coal and kiln dried log products, and so please get in touch for any further information!







With October nearly at an end, this means that we’re soon going to be busy wrapping ourselves up against the bite of the cold weather, as the rains turn icy and the winds become stronger across the UK. This change in the elements also means that it’s time to light up the old fireplaces or stoves to get some heat in your home, as we enter the time of year where we all just want to cosy up by the fire.

The best part is that using a fireplace doesn’t necessarily need to have detrimental effects on your health or the environment, as the use of smokeless fuel comes with a range of benefits that mean you won’t have much to worry about this winter. We’re here at Pearson Fuels to run you through some of the main benefits of using smokeless fuel, so that you know why you should be using it as the weather gets colder.

  1. The Environment

As previously mentioned, smokeless coal is more beneficial to the environment, as their smoke emissions are significantly lower than those produced by traditional coal. This means that you’ll be able to cosy up by the fire without having to worry on how you’re affecting the environment, as using smokeless coal is nowhere near as harmful.


  1. Clean

Smokeless coal is clean in two senses of the word. Firstly, smokeless coal provides a cleaner looking fire due to its lack of dirty emissions, meaning that it’s an absolute must if you want your fireplace looking fantastic this winter. Secondly, smokeless coal is also clean in the traditional sense, as it leaves behind minimal residue and therefore requires you to spend less time cleaning it.


  1. Cost

Some people will look at the upfront cost of smokeless coal and immediately decide that it isn’t worth the extra money. This will lead to them purchasing some traditional coal, which simply does not last as long and therefore needs to be replaced more frequently. In the long run, smokeless coal provides you with a great saving, as its longer life means that you won’t have to purchase more as often.

Here at Pearson Fuels, we are a leading coal merchants that provide a range of high quality smokeless coal. If you require any further information on the services that we provide, then please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team.