There is nothing more counter-productive than burning firewood that has been saturated with moisture due to improper storage as it is not only difficult to light, it will produce a thick smoke and release a significant number of pollutants into the air. Every experienced log-burning household will know that firewood should be burned with a moisture content of 25% or less, however it is important that homeowners know how to keep their logs moisture-free during storage.


Whilst there are a lot of different components to pay attention to when stacking firewood for the seasoning process, the rules are a lot more relaxed when it comes to storage. With this said, it is important to stack the logs in a way that allows air to circulate between them so that they don’t start to accumulate moisture from being too tightly packed together. In addition to this, firewood should be stacked above the ground because placing it directly on the soil is almost guaranteed to increase moisture content over time.


When it comes to storing your firewood, homeowners should pay close attention to location. For example, placing logs outdoors makes them susceptible to moisture increases and they should always be covered by waterproof tarpaulin in order to prevent them being saturated by rainwater. On the other hand, storing firewood indoors means that homeowners must find a location within the home that isn’t humid because the logs will draw in this moisture from the air over-time. Always opt for a cool, dry area such as a cellar or garage instead.

Log Stores

For homeowners that are willing to invest in firewood storage, a log store offers an affordable and long-term solution. They keep the wood elevated above the ground which prevents unnecessary moisture increases from the soil and allows the logs to be stacked with ease and simplicity. Typically, a log store should be south-facing so that the logs are in direct sunlight and have an open front with a slanted roof in order to direct rainwater away.

It is possible to purchase pre-seasoned firewood and kiln dried logs in order to save time, particularly since the seasoning process can take between 6 and 24 months to carry out. With this said, you should always ensure that you store your firewood appropriately so that it manages to maintain an optimum moisture level. For all your residential burning needs, get in contact with the best coal merchants on the market and speak to a member of the Pearson Fuels team today!