Smokeless coal is a solid fuel that doesn’t emit any visible smoke or emits a very minimal amount of smoke. This type of fuel is very popular for open fires, or places where there is a fuel ban on unseasoned wood and coal etc.

What not to do when burning smokeless coal

Never burn wet or moist smokeless coal as this will cause it to burn at an incredibly low rate and the moisture that is caused by the fuel will go up your chimney flue and this will cause damage. The damage can be more severe depending on how much you burn and what material your liner is made of.

Never mix your smokeless fuel with wood logs as this is highly inefficient as they both need air from different places and this mixture can also cause early liner failure. This is because even dry wood has some moisture. You shouldn’t try and slow down a fire, as this will cause moisture and smoke to be emitted which is very damaging to not only the environment but also to your fireplace and chimney. You should just open a window if it’s too hot. Finally, you should never burn smokeless fuel overnight as this is highly dangerous.

Benefits of smokeless coal

Burning smokeless coal correctly can have many benefits. For example, this solid fuel has a really good heat output because of the anthracite found in smokeless coal, which is the hard, shiny material. It has a great burning efficiency. Furthermore, it has been shown that smokeless coal complies with the clean air act of both 1956 and 1968 which were created to combat pollution and to deal with the smog which had been caused by the vast burning of basic house coal.

Smokeless coal has been tested largely and it was concluded that they are capable of burning without producing excess smoke and can therefore be used in smoke control areas.

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