There is nothing quite like a cosy night in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and your favourite Christmas film, and the team here at Pearson Fuels want to ensure that you have everything you need to make the most out of your fuel this winter. After all, there are a wide range of different options to choose from and we are certain that there is an option for every homeowner and their burning requirements on the market. Read on as we go over some of the benefits of burning fuel at Christmas time….


It is safe to say that traditional Christmas cards tend to have a fireplace with stockings hanging proudly across the centre on the front for a reason – they’re the secret to getting you in the seasonal spirit!  After all, there is nothing quite like the aesthetical crackle of a real woodburning fire on a cold winter night and watching the flames of a coal fire dance is enough to bring out the 8-year-old still lurking inside of us all.


The majority of families will get together on Christmas eve in order to spend time in each other’s company before branching off to hit the hay, and this means that there is no reason to heat every room in the house for the entire evening. Burning fuel at Christmas can help you save energy and reduce your bills because your fireplace or stove will do all the work for your internal heating. Of course, you might want to fire up the boiler just before you go to sleep so it doesn’t feel like you’re stepping into the artic!


It may sound like a punchline, but there really is a fuel on the market for every homeowner. From imported firewood to kiln dried logs, our wood is available to purchase in a pre-seasoned state so that you can get started on your festive fire as soon as possible. In addition to this, we stock both bituminous coal for the traditional burner and anthracite for those who are wanting to have an eco-conscious Christmas.

Whether you prefer the aesthetical crackle of a traditional woodburning fire or the efficiency of coal, the Pearson Fuels team are the coal merchants on your side! All of our fuels are reliably sourced in order to provide you with excellent value for money and a fire output that will leave you bursting with Christmas spirit! To put your order in early, get in contact with a member of the team today.