When it gets colder there’s nothing better than lighting a cosy fire to curl up in front of but remember to always follow the fire safety guidelines. Here are a few simple fire safety tips and fire hacks to help you out this winter.


In England there are an average of 7,700 chimney fires every year, so it’s really important that you get your chimney professionally cleaned and checked at least twice a year. If you’re burning smokeless coal, then get your chimney checked at least once a year. The best time would be just before winter when your fire hasn’t been used in a while.

When using a fire to heat up your room and to keep warm it’s a good idea to use a fire guard as they will protect against hazards like hot embers and flying sparks. You could also use shaped screens, child guards or glass screens.

Before you attempt to clean your fireplace make sure to check that it is completely cold before you start and remember to wear protective gear like googles to protect against dust, soot, ash and any other potential irritations. It is also advised to wear gloves.

When cleaning your fireplace remember that if you have a metal fireplace don’t use water as this will cause your fireplace to rust. If this happens, in the area rust has accumulated use a new wire brush to remove it and then remember to polish it after.

Remember to always check your fire alarms and carbon monoxide testers regularly.


Place some dried orange peel in your fireplace. Orange oils are flammable so the peel will actually burn longer than things like paper kindling and wood shavings. However, the peel must have been dried out overnight. By doing this you will also get an amazing citrus aroma from the peel.

Remove all grates from your fireplace and with a nylon brush scrub the grates to get rid of all the dirt and soot that has built up and accumulated. It is probably best to do this outside. While you have all the grates out use a dustpan and brush to remove any ash. This will keep your fireplace looking its best and improve your fires as regular maintenance is best for keeping your fireplace in the best condition possible.

Cover any exposed furniture or carpet with a sheet or plastic covering when cleaning your fireplace and chimney to protect them.

Even with the best products it is important to be as safe as possible. If you want any more information or have any questions then get in contact with the best coal merchants today at Pearson Fuels as we can help you with anything you need.