Kiln dried logs are a very popular solid fuel. There are many benefits of using kiln dried logs for example they burn extremely hot unlike wood logs with a high moisture percentage and they last longer than other solid fuels such as seasoned wood.

Kiln Dried Logs Benefits

By using kiln dried logs, you are choosing a more economical and efficient fuel. Furthermore, kiln dried logs have a very low moisture content which means that they will burn hotter and for longer with a clean burn, compared to something with a high moisture percentage. It wont burn as long or as hot and there would be an excess of smoke, soot and toxic things released. For example, condensates and resins could be released into your chimney if you burn something with a high moisture percentage.

Process of drying kiln log

The process can be done within 4-6 days if you are drying in a commercial kiln. However, it all depends on the efficiency of the kiln you are using. Typically kiln temperatures reach around 70 degrees Celsius. Firstly, the wood is pre-cut and stacked, usually in a wire metal cage, and then placed in the kiln to be dried. Kilns have large fans so that it can properly circulate air. There are many different sizes of kilns and some may function slightly differently. What they do is reduce the moisture by pushing it out and this is done by constant air flow and an intricate processes of allowing moisture from the firewood to escape.

Purchasing kiln dried logs

By purchasing kiln dried logs, you are able to use and burn them straight away as they have a longer and hotter burn. You can purchase them all year round so you don’t need to stock up and they are delivered by many different online suppliers.

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