The weather in the UK is far from predictable and it is not uncommon for blistering sunshine to be swapped out for single digit temperatures overnight. As the winter season draws nearer, it is important that stove-users ensure that their unit is fit for use and has been afforded the basic maintenance that it requires for optimum efficiency. Here is a basic checklist that you can follow to get your stove ready for winter…

Chimney Sweeping

Many homeowners believe that a stove protects their chimney from soot build-up because they aren’t burning fuel in an open fireplace, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. After all, a unit is connected directly to the flue and needs to be swept on a regular basis in order to ensure efficiency and prevent creosote build-up. The best way to prepare for the demands of winter is to have your chimney/flue swept by a licenced professional.


The surrounding frame of a hearth are called ‘firebricks’ and these protect the stove from excessive heat. After all, the majority of stoves are made from metals like steel and cast-iron which means that they can get incredibly hot. The firebricks play an important role in fire safety so you should always repair or replace any prior to winter as your stove will wear faster or may even crack if the firebricks are not up to the job.

Stove Door

The door to your stove should close with a tight seal in order to produce the most optimum fire output and this is something that homeowners should check as winter rolls around. In addition to this, the glass front of the stove door should be secure and it may even be beneficial to clean it using newspaper and wood ash, or shop-bought glass cleaning products.

Here at Pearson Fuels, we stock a versatile product range to suit the needs of each of our clients. After all, not every homeowner prefers to burn bituminous coal! With this said, you should always ensure that your stove is maintained throughout the year and swept prior to the winter season. This will remove any creosote build-up and allows the unit to operate as efficiently as possible. For all your stove maintenance needs, get in contact with the best coal merchants on the market today!