As concern over global warming continues to grow each year, it almost certainly came as a surprise when President Trump decided to pull the U.S out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement in 2019. After all, coal mining plays a big role in the American economy and there are over 800 active mines that are integral to the livelihood of many citizens. Read on as we go over everything there is to know about the top 5 biggest coal mines in America…

  1. North Antelope Rochelle Mine

Located in the state of Wyoming, the biggest US mine is actually two separate mines that were integrated several years ago. It was officially opened in 1999 and is thought to have just shy of 2 billion tons of coal reserves. In fact, this incredibly large coal mine employs 1,200 people and contributes around $2.8 billion to the economy.

  1. Eagle Butte Mine

As part of the Powder River Basin, this coal mine can also be found in the coal-rich region of Wyoming and produced around 17 million tonnes of coal in 2017. Interestingly, the Eagle Butte Mine first opened its doors in 1978 and is known for its reliable abundance of low-sulphur bituminous coal.

  1. Cordero Rojo Mine

As the third biggest mine in America, the Cordero Rojo Mine is located near the city of Gillette in Wyoming and produced 16.3 million tonnes of coal in 2017. Furthermore, it is mined for its supply of thermal coal from the Wyodak seam which is used in order to generate electricity in the west, mid-west and south-east of America.

  1. Belle Ayr Mine

Since the Power River Basin of Wyoming is filled with an abundance of coal, there are several mines that operate nearby. In fact, the Belle Ayr Mine can be found just 18 miles from Gillette in Wyoming and, according to statistics, produced 16 million tonnes of low-sulphur bituminous coal in 2017.

  1. Freedom Mine

Found in the state of North Dakota, the fifth largest coal mine in America is also the largest supplier of lignite in the USA. In fact, it produced just shy of 15 million tonnes of coal in 2017 and these figures accounted for almost half of the lignite collected across the entire state!

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