As the autumn and winter months draw near, it is likely that homeowners will probably start bringing out the firewood to get their fires going. Whether it’s to heat your home, give it more cosy atmosphere or simply because of the aesthetics, we’ve put together some benefits that can be obtained from burning firewood. Read on to find out more…

Money saving

A fireplace and stove creates natural light and heat so this will the reduce the amount of energy you are using and subsequently reduce the cost of your utility bills. In fact, it has been said that a wood burning stove can be up to 77% cheaper to run in comparison to an electric fire. In addition to this, lowering your utility bills by having some form of fireplace or wood burning stove adds value to your property.

Fires and Our Senses

Fires are stunning and we can watch them burn for hours. After all, it can be mesmerising to see the flames dance and flicker as the different colours pop, and watching the logs burn while time passes can also be really relaxing. There is also a pleasant sound of crackling and snapping from a fire that is enjoyable to listen to for many homeowners. When firewood is burned, it creates a pleasant aroma and the warmth that comes off the fire will heat the entire room as well as your body. As a result, it is safe to say that a fire can stimulate every sense, helping people to ground themselves and be in the present moment. After all, they create the best atmosphere for sitting around with family, reading, meditating, or watching television.

Maintaining Your Fireplace

There are a few maintenance steps to remember when it comes to looking after a fireplace or stove. Firstly, you should always clean out the ash when the unit has cooled down, remember to check for soot and inspect your chimney for signs of damage. It is important to only burn seasoned wood and also check the surrounding area of your fireplace for dirt and grim build-up. After all, keeping on top of maintenance will ensure that your fireplace is clean, protected and in tip top condition.

If you want any other information on what fuel would be best for your burning requirements, or you want to stock up ready for the autumn and winter months then get in contact with your local coal merchants at Pearson Fuels today!