It is important to scour the market in order to find the most suitable fuel for your burning
requirements. After all, some homeowners will prefer coal whilst others admire the aesthetical value
of firewood. Both hardwood and softwood have their own burning benefits, however there are also
different varieties within each individual category. Read on as we go over the top 3 types of


With around 30 different types of oak to choose from, it is safe to say that the burning characteristics
of its firewood is second to none. Whilst the way it behaves can differ from variety to variety, the logs
will generally burn slowly at hot temperatures which provides a cost-effective fire output overall and
makes oak firewood a highly sought-after fuel. Plus, it burns clean and produces no smoke during


The wood from a cherry tree is incredibly easy to split and are some of the most aesthetically
pleasing and pungent logs to burn. Whilst it doesn’t have the hottest burn temperature, it does burn
slowly and efficiently. Plus, cherry tree logs only take 6-12 months to season whereas oak logs
require almost 2 years to reach a suitable moisture content for burning. With this said, it does tend
to spark a lot more than alternative firewood fuels so it may be wise to use a fireplace screen.


Since there are so many different varieties of ash wood, it is important to remember that they aren’t
all equal in terms of being used as firewood. In fact, white ash is thought to be the best for
residential burning. In general, the logs burn hot and slow which makes them ideal for fireplaces and
stoves, and the wood itself is one of the densest of all the hardwood which means that its moisture
content is particularly low.
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