Although a stove tends to get more use during the winter season, it is important that property owners remember that maintenance is a yearlong commitment. Luckily, staying on top of the requirements that come with stove ownership means that it is incredibly easy to ensure that they remain in tip-top condition all year round, especially when it matters the most. Read on as the team here at Pearson Fuels go over some brief guidelines when it comes to stove maintenance…

Why does a stove need to be maintained?

It is no secret that fire is an element that is not to be played with, however, thousands of property owners light a fire in a stove each year and it is important that safety regulations are abided by. After all, incorrect use can be incredibly dangerous and may even result in fatal accidents. As a result, stove maintenance is considered an important responsibility for every homeowner as it ensures that the unit is in a safe condition for use.

Which parts of a stove need special attention?

There are many different components within a stove that require routine inspections and maintenance and some are often considered more important than others. For example, the chimney and flue must be cleaned on an annual basis in order ensure that toxic gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide can be adequately filtered out. In addition to this, the exterior of the stove should be checked regularly for signs of damage as any cracks can reduce the efficiency of the unit. Finally, the inside of the stove and the stove door itself should be cleaned on a routine basis for both aesthetics principles and efficiency as a build-up of ash can lead to a low-quality fire output.

What are the benefits of stove maintenance?

Taking care of a stove is not only important for aesthetics, it is also essential in order to ensure that the unit is safe for use. After all, burning carbon-based fuels like coal and firewood creates soot and creosote deposits that stick to the walls of the flue and these must be removed in order to prevent dangerous chimney fires from occurring.

As the best coal merchants on the market, the team here at Pearson Fuels supply a variety of different fuels for a range of different uses and we try our best to emphasise the importance of stove maintenance to our clients. To find out more information about taking care of a stove in order to guarantee longevity and fire efficiency, get in contact with a member of the Pearson Fuels team today!