kiln dried logs

It’s nearly Christmas! That means presents from family and friends as well as those given in return, fantastic festive decorations, incredible food, and jolly times all round. It also means that Santa’s going to be doing his rounds on the houses, parking his sled on rooftops and hopping on down the chimney to bring joy across the country – or so we thought when we were kids! Depending on your point of view, Santa Claus might not be using your chimney this Christmas, but there’s still every reason to keep it clean!

To that end, smokeless coal is the perfect fuel for anyone interested in keeping their chimney as clean as possible for as long as possible, as it does exactly what it says on the tin and produces no smoke for an incredible amount of heat generated in return. You may even find that our smokeless coal is more efficient than other house coal alternatives, so don’t wait to get in touch with our team if you’re in the market for anthracite or anything else from our tremendous stock of top quality smokeless coal.

Of course many of us prefer to burn kiln dried logs over coal, but cutting down on smoke with firewood logs is often a little bit harder of a task. Not to worry, though, as Pearson Fuels definitely has you covered in more ways than one.

You only have to take a look through our website to discover our many kinds of top quality kiln dried logs, and we can guarantee that they’re the perfect thing to create a clean burning, highly efficient fire every time. We make sure that every one of our kiln dried logs is properly devoid of any moisture content, the primary source of smoke, which also means that these logs will light incredibly easily while burning for a long time. We’ve even gone as far to specially treat each log to remove chemicals and other sources of wear on your chimney, so why wait to invest?

If you’re looking to keep your chimney smoke free, and squeaky clean enough for Santa to drop down it with your presents in hand (you never know!), make sure you look into what Pearson Fuels could do for you in the way of top quality smokeless coal and kiln dried logs of the utmost highest quality. Our team is just waiting to deliver a fantastic result, so make sure you get in contact as soon as you can!