coal merchants Manchester

If you’re looking through what we’ve got to offer as coal merchants Manchester-wide and you’re searching for the perfect smokeless coal to fuel an open fire or multi-fuel stove, we’d definitely have to recommend Supertherm. It’s an absolutely top notch product which is fully HETAS approved and ready to burn brightly for a very long time to come, with a minimal ash content highlighting just how efficient this fuel can be for you.

There’s always anthracite, too, which is by far one of the most popular choices for smokeless coal when people come calling for our services as leading coal merchants Manchester-wide. It’s well known for its long burning time and high heat output, making it perfect for multi-fuel stoves, room heaters and more. It’s also the perfect example of how little smoke can be produced for a brightly burning flame, so you can relax knowing that your chimney won’t be too stressed even under frequent use.

Of course, as well as producing very little to no smoke, you’re sure to find that all of our smokeless coal products are more than capable of producing a level of efficiency and effectiveness to rival more traditional coal options. This makes them a dream come true for anyone living under restrictions which prevent the burning of your average house coal, especially when they’re on sale at such great prices here at our coal merchants Manchester-wide. Why not get in touch as soon as you can?

All it takes is a simple phone call or email to our team of coal merchants Manchester-wide to let them know what you need, and our top standards of delivery will soon ensure that you get everything you need in the way of top quality smokeless coal you couldn’t do without. Make Pearson Fuels your number one choice for coal merchants Manchester-wide by getting in contact today, and you won’t regret it!