Just when you thought there weren’t enough types of coal in the world, you learn about the existence of smokeless coal! But what is so good about it? Smokeless coal is in fact a type of manmade coal that doesn’t produce any smoke when it is burning. The team here at Pearson Fuels sell smokeless coal as part of our services and we’re here to tell you what advantages can be gained from smokeless coal….

  • Compared to normal house coal, smokeless coal is able to burn for much longer and much hotter which means that it is far more cost efficient than regular house coal. As a result of this, you will also find that you refuel your heating appliance less often and thus, save money in the long term.


  • Some people live in areas known as ‘smokeless fuel zones’ which means that the use of house coals that produce smoke is forbidden by law. There are a few of these zones in the UK and those residing there must obey by the laws. These rules are in place to ensure the atmosphere is clear and state that the use of unauthorised fuels is illegal. On the other hand, using smokeless fuels in these locations means that you don’t have to follow the restrictions.

Now you know why smokeless coal is so good, it’s time to get in contact with the experts here at Pearson Fuels and order some! Speak to a member of the team and ensure you purchase your smokeless fuel from the best coal merchants around today!