Years ago, wood fuelled the open fires of the hunter-gatherers and was a source of life by which our ancestors survived, to keep warm and to use for cooking.

Pearson Fuels have a large stock of ready to use firewood. Perfect for wood burning stoves, open fires, cookers and multi-fuel stoves, our kiln dried logs contain less than 20% of moisture content. If you have been burning unseasoned logs, you will be impressed with the performance of our kiln dried logs. There is no need to wait for the wood to dry out; our kiln dried logs are ready and waiting to burn immediately, as no drying time is required.

Kiln dried logs are efficient, easy to light and produce a brilliant roaring flame! The logs also have a high heat output and tests have shown that kiln dried logs give out up to three times more heat than unseasoned logs. They are such a versatile and multi-functional fuel; you can also use them in pizza ovens, chimeneas, or braziers!

If you haven’t tried kiln dried logs before, you may think they are pricier than unseasoned logs but the cost of buying unseasoned logs can be higher in the long run, as they produce a lower heat output and they need drying out first, which is time consuming.

For fast, hot and beautiful log fires, choose Pearson Fuels for your kiln dried logs Manchester wide, delivered to your door.

There is no need to go foraging in forests for firewood like the hunter-gatherers! Just give us a call and we will supply you with high quality kiln dried logs that are always better for burning!