Coal can sometimes get a bad reputation. After all, for many years it was synonymous with the Clean Air Act and pollution. In fact, after President Obama’s Clean Power Plan which was introduced back in 2015, and The Pope’s public opinion on the abundance of natural gas, it’s no wonder coal is getting such an unhealthy reputation. Thankfully, we’re here to bust some of the myths surrounding this fossil fuel…

Myth: Coal is dirty

Many images of coal focus on foggy landscapes filled with smoky pollution, blacked out lungs and acid rain, plus films depict many coal miners coated head to toe in black powder. However, to tell the truth, these images don’t always portray a realistic image of coal. Coal is actually responsible for the halting of many forest deforestations as it is much cheaper, hotter and plentiful than wood. In fact, it also lets off less carbon dioxide than wood, proving that although we could arguably do better, coal is not a dirty source of energy and power.

Myth: Coal is unsubsidised

In town hall meetings, many fossil fuel debaters argue about the financial aid which is put aside to aide with fossil fuels as they claim that there is not enough government funds put into the process. What they fail to understand that coal, in fact, receives roughly $1 billion in subsides and that, globally, it gets more subsides than any form of energy!

So there you have it! Pearson Fuels has towed the line between the fact and the false! If you’re looking for your own helping of coal in 2017, you’ve found the right coal merchants! Get in contact today to find out more!