The dancing orange flames provided by coal can be captivating to the eye- however, if you don’t accurately care for the wellbeing of your chimney, it can have disastrous consequences. Here are a few of the dangers using coal as a fuel can have and the measures to take in order to prevent them…

  • Over prolonged use, a chimney becomes blocked with soot which must be removed from the flue. If this is not done then gases such as carbon monoxide are not able to escape through the chimney as the structure permits. Of course, this means that gases which are not supposed to stick around stay and begin to accumulate in the air you breath in. Prevent this by ensuring your chimney is swept often.
  • To further reiterate the point above, many people assume that charcoal can be used in a fireplace as an alternative to coal, however charcoal actually gives off high amounts of carbon monoxide as a by-product, so these gases will be breathed in regardless of whether the chimney has been swept. Prevent this by using recommended fuels.
  • Some houses think they do not need to use a fireplace screen, however coal burns at almost 2,000 degrees Celsius. Due to this, it is recommended that all home owners use a screen in order to protect family members, pets and prevent fires started by escaping sparks.

Here at Pearson Fuels, we think that using a chimney and a different range of fuels comes with the responsibility of protecting others as well as knowing the dangers involved. We are coal merchants located in the UK and now you know the dangers, we think you’re ready to operate a coal fuelled chimney to the safest potential possible. Get in contact today to place your first order!