Coal Merchants Crewe

When it comes to stocking up on your fuel supply, Pearson fuels are the people for you. As your local smokeless coal and logs Crewe supplier, you can rest assure that we are always on hand to help replenish your energy supplies.

With over three decades worth of experience working within the fuel trade, we have substantial knowledge when it comes to delivering our customer’s with the products they need.

When it comes to our firewood, we ensure that we import our firewood Crewe supply, from Latvian and Lithuanian sustainable forests. Here at Pearson fuels, we guarantee that our firewood Crewe supplies, are the most efficient. Any water content in our firewood is boiled away, so the wood burns efficiently for longer. This makes it more cost effective for the consumer.

As we are an experienced coal merchants Crewe, we are able to offer products and advice to our customers. Whether you are looking for regular house coal or more environmentally friendly, smokeless fuels, which emit 25% lower CO2 emissions, we are sure to stock what it is you are looking for.

With Pearson Fuels, you will find that we deliver only the highest quality of products, with an unrivalled standard of customer service. As your local coal merchants Crewe and firewood Crewe supplier, we are always on hand to replenish your fuel supplies. Contact us today, to see how we can assist you.