Coal Merchants Oldham

Proud to offer our customers a selection of supreme quality fuels, Pearson Fuels supply smokeless coal, firewood, kindling and bags of logs Oldham wide.

We know that our customers use a range of heating appliances and we meet the demands by stocking products suitable for different heating appliances and can give advice on the best fuel products for your particular appliance.

Well-known for being a specialist coal merchants Oldham supplier, we can deliver firewood, smokeless coal and logs to homes and businesses. We offer bulk bags, seasoned wood, kindling, create of logs Oldham and kiln dried logs, all easy to use and highly convenient.

More and more of our customers are wanting to use only sustainable wood when purchasing fuels because they are conscious of the detrimental impact on the environment that using wood from unsustainable sources has. At Pearson Fuels, we source firewood from sustainable forests in Latvia and Lithuania making us a highly ethical and environmentally friendly business.

Pearson Fuels, coal merchants Oldham, are a professional, family run business with a wealth of experience as a coal merchants Oldham. Our customer service team is skilled, knowledgeable and friendly and as a result, we have a loyal customer base so whether you require a coal merchants Oldham, logs Oldham or a firewood Oldham supplier, Pearson Fuels have you covered.

To find out more about getting the right kind of fuel, be it firewood, kiln dried logs, coal Oldham or any other type of smokeless coal Oldham, get in contact today!