Coal Merchants Stoke

Our goal at Pearson Fuels, coal merchants Stoke, is to supply our customers with a varied range of high quality fuels, suited to their needs. We deliver smokeless fuels, fire wood, and logs Stoke and a far.

In recent years, we have all seen a rise in gas and oil prices. Coal Stoke and firewood Stoke have however remained reasonably cost effective for consumers. Our know-how, allows us to offer our customer’s, products that are longer lasting and even more efficient.

Our wide-ranging selection of House coals, Smokeless Fuels, Wood, & Kindling are suitable for use in a wide range of heating appliances. We source our firewood Stoke supply responsibly, from sustainable forests in both Latvia and Lithuania. Our firewood is treated, which ensures that the wood burns efficiently for longer.

As reliable coal merchants Stoke wide, we also have a smokeless coal Stoke supply which generates 25% lower CO2 emissions as well as our regular house coal Stoke supply, which is always on hand to keep you warm in the winter months.

We have been a family run coal merchants Stoke, for over three decades, and have a wide range of knowledge and expertise, when it comes to our industry. When choosing us as your local coal merchants Stoke, you are joining a faithful customer base which trusts us to provide an efficient and professional service. Contact us today, to see how we can assist you with all of your fuel needs.