Coal Merchants Stretford

Pearson Fuels is one of the leading suppliers of smokeless fuels for use with open fires and multi-fuel stoves.

We have extensive experience as a coal merchants Stretford supplier, working in the fuel business delivering firewood, smokeless coal and logs Stretford wide to a variety of homes and businesses.

Our smokeless fuels are fantastic because they give maximum heat output, longevity of fire life making it efficient and cost effective. In addition to this, it’s environmentally friendly with 25% lower CO2 emissions than standard house coal. What’s more, it gives a beautiful flame and has little wastage or ash.

We are an experienced coal merchants Stretford supplier and can offer guidance on the best fuel products for your particular heating appliance.

Caring for the environment is essential to our business and we import our firewood Stretford from Latvian and Lithuanian sustainable forests.

If you are looking for a professional coal merchants, logs Stretford or a firewood Stretford supplier, Pearson Fuels have everything you require.

As a successful Coal Merchants Stretford, you’ll discover that we deliver a high standard of customer service and offer a high quality and comprehensive range of solid fuel products. To find out more about getting the right kind of fuel, be it firewood, kiln dried logs, coal or any other type of smokeless coal, give us a call today!