Coal Merchants Torquay

In a time of rising energy costs, more and more people are turning to a real fire to heat their home. An open fire is a great feature to any room, when looking to fuel your fire, you need to come and speak to us.

We here at Pearson Fuels, are a family run log suppliers Torquay, and local coal merchants Torquay and UK wide. Our smokeless coal is constantly being developed to ensure our customers receive a product that burns more efficiently.

Firewood Torquay

As an expert coal merchant Torquay and England wide, we only offer the best quality products to our customers, our smokeless fuels emit 25% lower CO2 emissions making them more environmentally friendly. However, if you prefer burning logs to coal, our firewood Torquay supply burns more efficiently than your average house coal, proving that it is value for money. What is more, as your local log suppliers Torquay, we ensure that our firewood Torquay supply, is sourced ethically from sustainable forests in Latvia and Lithuania.

Choosing us as your coal merchants Torquay, or as log suppliers Torquay, ensures that you will receive a product and service that is unrivalled. Pearson Fuels have been in the business for over 35 years and we pride ourselves on our high quality of customer service.

As well as being a leading log suppliers Torquay wide, we also offer an unrivalled coal delivery Torquay service. To find out more about our products and the service we offer, make sure that you call our coal merchants Torquay today.