Coal Merchants Wigan

In the fuel business for over 35 years, Pearson Fuels are a family run business delivering smokeless coal, logs and firewood Wigan wide to homes and businesses.

Delivering excellent customer care and with a loyal customer base, we are well known for being an efficient and highly professional coal merchants Wigan supplier.

Specialising in offering our customers a wide range of high quality fuels including smokeless coal, firewood, kindling and bags of logs Wigan and the surrounding areas.

Experienced in supplying logs Wigan wide and delivering fuels for many types of properties, we can guide you on the best quality products, perfect for your specific home and business heating appliances.

We are a leading coal merchants Wigan based supplier and pride ourselves as a highly ethical company, sourcing firewood Wigan from sustainable forests in Latvia and Lithuania.

The team at Pearson Fuels are passionate about coal, logs and firewood Wigan and always recommend the benefits of using wood burning and multi-fuel stoves in homes. They not only look beautiful as a main interior feature but they are also energy efficient too. With rising gas and oil prices, using natural heating appliances also remains the ideal alternative for providing a welcoming home atmosphere.

We understand that our customers value excellent customer service and being able to depend on your firewood supplier is very important when selecting the best coal merchants Wigan. What is important to our customers is naturally also important to us, so whether you require firewood, or a logs Wigan supplier, Pearson Fuels will have you covered.

If you have any further queries on the benefits of our fuels and finding the right one for you, be it firewood, kiln dried logs Wigan or any other type of smokeless coal, call us today and we will be happy to assist you.