Each job role comes with its own set of health and safety risks that all employees must abide by- however it is no secret that the mining industry has a reputation for being an all-round risky choice of employment. Despite this, mining doesn’t have to be completely unsafe as newly introduced technology allows us to reduce the risk of health issues later in life. Here are a few health risks associated with coal mining…

  • Inhaling coal dust is one of the most common aspects of the coal mining industry and it is certainly no laughing matter. Frequent inhalation of dust causes a condition which is colloquially known as ‘miners lung’, a form of lung disease. In order to tackle coal dust inhalation, companies must work in order to achieve a dust control plan and make sure that adequate respiratory equipment is provided for all miners.


  • Mining no longer relies on manpower and wooden tools as with new modern interventions, we have access to a whole range of exciting machinery that helps get the job done. However, with new things there always comes a drawback. Noise is a very serious issue in a coal mine and unfortunately not many miners realise the damage until it is too late. Issues include tinnitus sleep disturbance and even inability to concentrate. Miners should always be provide with the correct ear protection every time they enter a mine.

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