In the UK, coal mining dates all the way back to the Roman times and occurred in different areas of the country. Unfortunately the coal mining industry in Britain collapsed after 1970, however twenty-six mines are still open. Here at Pearson Fuels, we’re going to give you the lowdown of coal mining in the United Kingdom…


Stone axes covered in coal have been discovered, showing that Britain was already mining before Rome invaded. In early  mining, the coal which was first extracted was already exposed and followed seams under the ground. It is thought that the Romans used outcropping coal.

Industrial Revolution

In the 19th century, it is no secret that coal mining increased as the industrial revolution took wind. This was because coal was required in order to power many appliances including steam engines and homes.


The production of coal in the UK peaked in 1913 and remained high for the next 50 years until the 1960’s where coal was the main source of energy used however in the 1960’s, roughly 100 coal mines were closed, including the largest coal pit. These closures caused coal production to decrease to the lowest rate recorded in over a century.

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