Wood and Multi-Fuel stoves are perfect additions to our homes, but unfortunately, they are not without their problems.

Knowing how to look after your homes stove is one thing but being able to recognise when things aren’t going according to plan is a vital skill that will help you avoid costly repairs.

As with any home appliance, things will go wrong from time to time, so here we’ve shared a few more of the most common faults to look out for with your home stove, and what to do to solve them:

Cracking in the Flue Seals

When the fireclay seals around your fire crack or break, they can be quite noticeable as they become more and more unsightly, but what can be done about them? By mixing fireclay with heat resistant glass fibre rope, you can bond the fireclay which will prevent any cracks from forming at all.

Paint Smell

If you light your new stove and notice that it is giving off the noxious smell of paint, don’t worry. Usually, this smell disappears after a few days as it is simply a by-product of the stove production process: it happens as the paint is curing on your stove.

If the smell persists for more than 3-4 days, it could suggest some sort of problem. In this case, contact the manufacturer and they will be able to provide more information and assistance.

Deterioration in Bars and Grates

Whilst all stove bars and grate eventually deteriorate over time, some will obviously wear much faster than others. The speed at which this deterioration happens is all down to the fuel you use, the burn rate and the frequency of ash removal.

Always check your instruction manual to see the best fuel to use and always avoid using petroleum-based fuels. Overfiring the appliance and leaving ash pit doors and air vents open for long periods will also accelerate the deterioration.

Glass is Dirty and Difficult to Clean

Most new stoves feature the new airwash facility to help keep your glass clean when burning.

If it is working, the soot will brush off easily when the stove is not in use. Attempting to clean when the glass is hot will cause your cleaning cloth to steam and can create stubborn stains. Avoid using abrasive cleaning fluids as these can damage the glass.

Always speak with your coal merchants if you are unsure which fuel your stove requires.