As one of the most essential components in the UK’s economy, the mining industry has been thriving for almost two centuries. After all, the industrial revolution wasn’t the only thing to establish Britain as a factory nation. Here at Pearson Fuels, we are familiar with the ins and outs of the coal mining industry which is what makes us the best merchants around. Read on as we touch upon some of the most common jobs related to the coal mining industry…

Underground Mining

Often thought of as the front line, underground miners will operate heavy machinery in order to extract coal from the walls of coal mines. These mines are often very cramped, humid and dark which means that it is important for workers to wear safety gear in order to protect their hearing, eyesight and respiratory health. In addition to this, many underground miners will also specialise in safety roofing, which is put in place in order to ensure that a coal mine is structurally sound.

Surface Mining

Unlike underground mining, surface coal mining involves removing the topsoil of an area of land in order to access the coal seams directly without digging tunnels. These types of miners will use equipment like crawler tractors and wheel loaders in order to excavate the earth, as well as heavily controlled explosives. Since surface mining is thought to be less dangerous than underground mining, the hourly wage tends to be slightly lower.


Once coal has been excavated from the earth, it has to be prepared so that it can be purchased for use. In fact, there is a job that specialises in just this. Coal preparers will crush and size coal in order to ensure that it fits the order requirements for every customer. Since the industry is built upon mass production, this is often done by heavy machinery that the staff have to keep running efficiently and safely.

Although working in a coal mine is said to be a well paying career choice, it is also incredibly dangerous. After all, statistics show that an average of 10 coal miners suffer fatal injuries on the job every single year. With this said, these figures  are incredibly promising when compared next to numbers from the early 20th century, which saw over 1,000 coal miners die every year. Luckily, you don’t have to dig for your own coal in 2018 as the best coal merchants around take care of everything behind the scenes. Get in contact with a member of the Pearson Fuels team today to find out more information!