Coal is one of the most numerous fuels in the fossil fuel family, and probably has the longest, most varied history of all of them. Ever since the first human set foot outside of his cave and felt the freezing cold breeze against his skin, coal has been at the forefront of heating and technology of our species. Archaeologists have uncovered evidence that the Romans began to use it after arriving in England. This was only the start of a bright spark that would come to advance the world to a new age as we know it today.

In the 1700s, we Englishmen stumbled upon the fact that coal could produce a fuel that burned in a hotter, cleaner way than wood and charcoal. It was used overwhelmingly as a source of energy during the Industrial Revolution, providing a real opportunity for the fuel to fill its role as the chief supplier of energy. Coal fuelled Steamships and steam-powered railroads stemmed from the small, black rock that came to be prized across the world.

But coal as we know it mainly for today was first used in 1880 to generate electricity and heat for home and factories. Furnaces and stoves that were previously fuelled by expensive stashes of wood were now available for everyone, coal leading the way forward for cheap, efficient heating. These days, we’ve found even better ways to fuel our chimneys with smokeless coal and house coal. However, it can be hard to source out for yourself.

Luckily, Pearson Fuels is a well-established family business that does all the hard work for you! Of course, we don’t mind it—but we enjoy supplying our smokeless coal across the local area to those who need smokeless fuel for their houses. Coal merchants are in short supply, and luckily if you live in Stockport or the areas surrounding it such as Manchester, Pearson Fuels would be glad to supply you with all the smokeless fuel you need.