Central heating or lighting a fire in your fireplace is only part of the battle of heating your home in winter. If your home isn’t properly insulated, the heat you’re creating, and paying for, is easily lost. Some homeowners refuse to have their home insulated completely because of the cost, but the cost of not insulating may actually end up putting you out of pocket in the long term when those heating bills fall through your letterbox.

The truth is, well insulated walls, ceiling, floors and roofs will create a healthier home environment, reduce your energy bills and also have a positive environmental impact.

Healthy Living Space

In the darkest of winter, it can be a constant battle to keep your home warm. Installing proper insulation helps regulate the temperature, making your living environment much safer and more comfortable to relax in, especially when the barometer takes a plunge. Living in a cold home can cause health defects, so it is important to maintain a safe temperature at all times.

As well as heat, insulation can also help increase sound control by creating a barrier that keeps unwanted sounds out and protecting privacy. This barrier also works at keeping moisture from seeping into your home. This protects your possessions from mould damage, as well as other environmental pollutants and allergens.

Save money

Home insulation is an easy way of saving money on your household bills. Insulation makes your home much more energy efficient, as heat isn’t constantly escaping. Good insulation will also help keep your home cooler during the summer months – so you aren’t just feeling the benefits when it’s cold outside. With the drastic reduction in relying on heating and cooling appliances can lead to huge savings over the year.

Environmental Benefits

Having to run your heating constantly to keep your home at a bearable temperature puts a real strain on the environment. But by using less energy having to heat and cool your home reduces your carbon footprint and also reduces the amount of chemicals being released into the environment from air conditioning units.

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