Although many properties in the UK still have a traditional open fireplace, many homeowners are choosing to opt for a stove appliance. After all, they are incredibly cost-effective due to their lifetime longevity guarantee and are incredibly easy to use. With this said, it is important that certain guidelines are followed during the combustion of coal in a stove unit as incorrect burning can be unsafe and inefficient. Read on as the team here at Pearson Fuels go over everything there is to know about burning coal in a stove…


It is essential that a stove is seamlessly connected to the flue of a property in order to provide continuous ventilation. After all, oxygen is an essential building block of a fire and a lack of ventilation will result in a poor-quality fire output. In addition to this, a flue is also used in order to remove unwanted gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide which means that ventilation is also an important safety feature.


The care that is required to keep an open fire in tip top condition tends to differ from the maintenance of a stove. After all, a failure to clear the ash box, clean the interior of the unit and regularly sweep the chimney can lead to an inefficient fire output and put people in danger.


First time stove owners are often unaware of the safety risk that an incorrectly used unit can present. After all, the exterior of a stove can get extremely hot and should never be touched when in use as it can lead to serious burn injuries. In addition to this, a flue should be swept regularly when coal is burned in a stove in order to control creosote build-up and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning or a dangerous chimney fire.
Here at Pearson Fuels, we want to ensure that our clients burn their coal as safely as possible. After all, the exterior of a stove is a safety risk that many homeowners are unaware of when they invest in their first unit. Luckily, our traditional bituminous coal can be burned in every unit except wood burners which makes them incredibly versatile. To find out more information, get in contact with the best coal merchants around and speak to a member of the Pearson Fuel team today!