If your outdoor grill has been seeing some more action than usual this summer, with family BBQ’s and world cup parties, then now is an important time to give it a good clean. If you want to keep making great food on your BBQ for the rest of the summer, then you need to keep it clean to make sure it works properly.

Luckily, cleaning a grill is actually very simple as long as you follow these simple steps:

The first step to keeping a clean grill is to be careful when you are using it. You can keep food from sticking to the metal grate by spraying a high-smoking-temperature cooking oil over it before you place any food on it. This will help prevent food from burning and sticking to the metal too much.

By cleaning the grate when it is slightly warm, cooked-on food will come off much easier. Scrub it with a wire brush, leave it for a while, then scrub it again when it is cooler to clean off any remaining grease or salt that will corrode your grill.

Once a year you should think of giving your grill a deep clean. A vinegar and water solution used on the inside and an oven cleaner or washing up liquid on the grill will clear off any built-up residue. To remove any rust from the outside of the grill you may wish to use a fine steel wool. You can also get specially made paint made especially for grills, if you want to spruce up the outside of your BBQ.

When you aren’t using your grill, protect it with a water-resistant cover to shield it from the elements.

Cooking on your outdoor grills, BBQs and chimeneas is perfect throughout the hot summer days, so make sure you take good care of them and clean them properly using these handy tips, so you get great BBQ food every time.

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