Equipping your home with a multi fuel stove isn’t just a luxurious extravagance. Having a stove can actually have a number of benefits; from being a decorative centrepiece to greatly increasing the efficiency and warmth of your home, even saving you money.

Benefit of Installing A Stove

When used correctly, multi fuel stoves can be one of the most effective ways of heating your home. By trapping the heat and combustion of a fire in an enclosed space, stoves are capable of heating a room more efficiently than standard central heating.

Most modern stoves are designed to provide perfect air flow through their vents to keep warm air flowing out of the stove and cool air flowing in. Adding a stove fan can increase the efficiency even more, pushing the warm air further from the fire into your living space.

Using well dried and seasoned wood, or quality smokeless coal, you can increase the efficiency of your stove even further.

Ways to further improve your heating:

  • Insulation

Ensuring your home is properly insulated can help you save a lot of money on heating bills over the course of a year. Many households suffer from having out-dated and inefficient insulation that lets a large majority of the heat produced from central heating and home stoves escape. Cavity wall insulation and double/triple-glazed windows are great investments that will help properly insulate your home.

  • Well Serviced Central Heating

Having your boiler, pipes and insulation checked regularly will help ensure that no faults are going to spoil your heating efficiency.

  • Timers and Thermostats

Setting your heating to a sensible temperature can help to save a lot of money. If you don’t have a thermostat, place your heating to come on by a timer at important times throughout the day; if you have your heating running constantly it will run up considerable energy bills, not to mention the affect that it will have on the environment.

Pearson Fuels supply imported kiln-dried fire wood as well as smokeless coal that will help you manage your home’s heating responsibly.