When Christmas comes around and you are lucky enough to have a large hearth to take centre stage for all your Christmas decorations, then it is important that you make sure all your decorations are safe when the fire is lit.


There is nothing more Chritmassy than stockings hanging on the mantle; candles adorning the hearth and stringing garlands of greenery around your fireplace, but all these things, unfortunately, do provide a fire hazard.


To make sure your family stays safe this Christmas, here we share our best advice on how to decorate your fireplace so that no matter your type of fuel, your fire is safe and secure:


  1. 3-Foot Rule


A rule all stove and fireplace owners should follow year round is the three-foot rule. This basically means that no combustible items, such as paper, blankets, pillows, books and decorations should be stored closer than three-foot from an open fire: this includes Christmas decorations. Christmas trees, both real and synthetic are highly combustible and should be kept as far away from your fire as possible. Faulty lights on Christmas trees is one of the leading causes for Christmas fires and Christmas trees can go up in flames in a matter of seconds.


  1. Don’t Dangle Decorations On The Mantle


Dry Christmas decorations can ignite simply from the heat your fire gives off so it is important that no decorations are dangling close to any flames. Although it looks impressive to have hanging decorations all around your fireplace, if you are going to have your fire on a lot it is important to leave the mantle as clear as possible to avoid any items catching fire and spreading.


  1. Fire Resistant Decorations


A lot of retailers now sell fire resistant decorations that are more suited to those who have open fireplaces or multi-fuel burning stoves. Fire resistant doesn’t mean that the material won’t burn at all, so one should still be careful when hanging these around a fireplace that they aren’t too close to the flames and should still follow fire safety guidelines.


  1. Fire Extinguisher


Every responsible fire owner should have a fire extinguisher on hand in case of an emergency. Christmas decorations are often made from dry and combustible materials, essentially turning your living space into a tinderbox. These decorations can help spread a fire in a matter of minutes, so having a fire extinguisher on hand is key to stopping a potential fire from developing in as quick a time as possible. Always make sure that everyone in the home is trained in how to use the fire extinguisher – you never know who might be on hand when danger strikes.


If you have any more questions about home fire safety this Christmas, feel free to contact Pearson Fuels coal merchants today and we will be happy to share more top tips with you on how to make sure your fire is completely safe.