If your fireplace hasn’t been used for a while it can become the perfect entry point for rodents such as, rats, mice and even squirrels in some cases, to find their way into your home. Houses are well constructed to keep these access points for small animals limited, after all, no one wants rodents making their way into their homes.

Rodents are eager to get inside your home to take advantage of the warmth and the food you have on offer. There are even some flying pests like bats and pigeons that can use your fireplace to build their nests.

Whilst some of these animals will use the fireplace to gain access to your home, some will only enter the fireplace, which can cause a number of problems. A number of chimney fires are started each year when the chimney becomes blocked by bird’s nests, which aren’t cleared out before the fires are lit at the start of winter.

The easiest and most effective way to keep animals out of your chimney is to close your flue after using your fireplace. Closing the flue may seem easy but it is a commonly overlooked task. Having a chimney cap installed will give you added protection if you ever forget to close the flue. Regular maintenance checks should be carried out by a professional throughout the year to ensure there are no cracks in which insects can enter. Opting for a door on the front of your fireplace can help seal off an entry point for insects and pests whilst also ensuring your own pets and children stay safe around the open fire.

Your store of firewood can also be the perfect place for insects to develop colonies. By storing your firewood off the ground, and burning your oldest firewood first, you can keep pests from being able to multiply in your stores.

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