A housefire can be a dangerous thing to have in the home which means it’s essential that it is correctly cared for. After all, it only takes a split second for a fire to spread if someone takes their eyes off it. Here at Pearson Fuels, we are all about fire safety which is why we’ve put together this blog on the most important accessories every burning fire should have…


In order to tend to a wood burning fire correctly, every home should have a fireplace poker at hand that is able to hook, rake and push the burning firewood. It is recommended that you choose a poker that has an insulated handle as this will help prevent burns. A poker can come in varying lengths however as one may expect, a long poker will provide the best protection from the flames as the user will be further away.


Whilst a poker helps you move the wood and other fuels around safely, tongs come in handy when the firewood needs to be picked up. As the wood will be very hot, it is very dangerous to pick up the wood with your hands or try to balance it between two pokers so tongs are advised.


Whatever you burn, something will be left behind. For example, burning wood results in ashes. In order to maintain a clean area, this ash must be cleaned up however the last thing you will want to use is your own broom, which is why a fireplace broom is so essential.

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