kiln dried logs

With all of our wood coming from the finest sources deep in the heart of Latvia and Lithuania, we here at Pearson Fuels only ever import the freshest firewood logs to be treated and processed into our top quality kiln dried logs. This ensures that they’re already of outstanding quality before we even get our hands on them, and it guarantees that the end product is sure to create a brightly burning, incredibly efficient fire no matter what.

Where most stove manufacturers specify a 20% moisture content or less for efficient burning, we’ve made sure that our own kiln dried logs are considerably lower than that mark and you’re sure to be pleased by the results.

The last thing anyone needs is kiln dried logs with a moisture content higher than it needs to be! Improperly dried logs or low quality firewood is guaranteed to create an inefficient, smouldering fire full of tars and smoke, and that can be especially damaging for those of use burning kiln dried logs as fuel for a fireplace. This is because of the damage that smoke can cause to chimneys in large amounts, corrosively wearing down the lining of your chimney, blackening glass panels and causing unnecessary amounts of wear that can easily be avoided simply by investing in the right kiln dried logs.

You won’t ever have to worry about the quality of your kiln dried logs when you invest in what we’ve got to offer here at Pearson Fuels, however, as all of our logs are sourced from the freshest sources and won’t let you down!

So, needless to say, if you’ve been on the lookout for the finest kiln dried logs imported from a fantastic source then you’ll definitely be interested in what we’ve got to offer here at Pearson Fuels. Don’t wait to get in contact if what we have is the ideal thing for you and your wood burning appliances. Our team just can’t wait to hear from you and get you the essential kiln dried logs you need!