smokeless coal merchants

With snow falling on most of Europe by now, and patches of the stuff cropping up around the UK, it’s definitely the time to check if you’re stocked up on kiln dried logs and smokeless coal. After all, nothing says keeping warm from the cold like a highly efficient, well burning fire, and you simply wouldn’t be able to achieve the best results possible without a tremendously reliable source of fuel ensuring you always have nothing but quality to burn.

Whether you prefer the traditional crackling of kiln dried logs, or you like to stock up on the convenience of smokeless coal, it really does pay to make sure you’re getting your hands on the best fuel you can be. Bad fuel creates excessive smoke, and too much smoke can lead to serious problems with your chimney down the line. This is because it has a corrosive effect over time, wearing down the lining of your chimney and causing costly issues such as leaks that are certainly better done without, and it’s the reason that finding the right supplier is so crucial.

Fortunately, we here at Pearson Fuels pride ourselves on supplying a huge variety of kiln dried logs and smokeless coal products so that you’ll always have a place to turn, with a fantastic range of cheap prices offered without compromise. Our sources are the very freshest they can be, too, with our kiln dried logs imported from the finest forests of Latvia and Lithuania and treated to a highly specialised refinement process until they’re ready to find a place in your very own home.

Here at Pearson Fuels, we are smokeless coal merchants who specialise in providing the best sources of fuel when you need them most, with stocks of kiln dried logs and top quality smokeless coal just waiting to find a place in your fireplace or other appliances this winter. Getting in contact with our team is as easy as picking up the phone or dropping us an online enquiry via email, so don’t wait to do just that!