The United Kingdom is an industrial state which relies heavily on the use of coal and other types of fuel. In fact, during the industrial revolution the increase in coal consumption rose by a staggering 80%. Nowadays, we tend to use the fossil fuel in order to generate electricity and for more basic means such as heating our homes through a fireplace however this looks like it could be about to change.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has caused for a ban of fireplaces and wood burning stoves and whilst the confirmation of whether this would incorporate the whole of the UK or just London alone is still unknown, the response has been rather negative. Here is all you need to know…

It is no secret that burning fuels like coal and wood release harmful gases into our atmosphere however it cannot be ignored that the simple fossil fuel provides a very efficient solution to our need for power and electricity. Without it we would struggle. The Mayor however has decided that we need to improve the quality of the air we breathe and has suggest that a ban on fireplaces and wood burners is the way to do it.

Unfortunately a large chunk of the population rely on these appliances in order to stay warm during the winter and as you may expect, the response hasn’t been welcoming. One Facebook user commented that “London traffic fumes are far more invasive to asthmatics than any open fire or wood burner will ever be” whilst another asked “I thought bad air quality was a part and parcel of living in a big city?”.

An article published in the British Medical Journal was the cause of the suggestion from Khan, which stated that burning wood creates 2.4 times more pollution that motor vehicles, reportedly causing 37,800 early deaths in 2012. Thankfully we can rest assured for some time as the proposal is scheduled for 2025 where the idea of having small zones may be introduced in order to reduce wood burning stove pollution. Experts say that the ban would be at least 6 years away since it would require a legislation from the government.

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