Due to more stringent laws put in place by the DEFRA (Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Areas) about the use of smoky coals used in residential areas, the need to make the change to smokeless coals may be a necessary switch.


Rising costs in gas and electricity means more people than ever are making the shift to coals to heat their homes using open fires and coal burners, but strict rules are in place to make sure that residential areas are keeping levels of emissions at a minimum to protect the health and welfare of residents. Smokeless fuel zones are now in place all over the U.K. To find out if your home is included in one of these zones you can check online on the government website under the category DEFRA.


So what can we do to reduce these emissions? The answer is to change your usual house coals for smokeless coals. Smokeless coals emit 80% less smoke than the more common house coals as well as producing up to 40% less carbon dioxide. As well as being better for the environment these coals also help prevent health issues caused by coal smoke.


Although more expensive than regular household coal they burn at a consistently higher heat and can have up to a 40% longer burn time. This means the bags of smokeless coal will last you longer, even saving you money in the long run.


Smokeless coal has been consistently improving since the implementation of smokeless fuel zones, and further investment into the industry means that it can only improve further; making them even safer for the environment and residents as well as improving costs to consumers.


If you live in a smokeless fuel zone and own a coal burner and feel that a change to smokeless coal may be necessary for you, Pearson Fuels are coal merchants that provide smokeless coal at competitive prices that is suitable for different appliances.