Of every useful product out there, none have had the effect on society and history that the simple coal has. From its discovery, to its use, it has been used to generate energy and heat across the globe for hundreds of years. From its use in traditional forging, to being placed in fireplaces like today, many men and women over the years have paid homage to the small, black rock. In fact, Britain wouldn’t be what it was today without coal. Though, we doubt that many homeowners across the UK wonder too much about that. The more worrying and present fear is that coal is becoming less affordable! What can people do, other than buy at high prices?

Many countries around the globe are taking steps against coal usage en masse, but it is affecting the simple homeowner at home, who simply wants to keep himself warm. Pearson Fuels have been in the business for years, and with countless years of experience under our belts, we have developed a business that provides the consumer with the power to select what to put in their fireplaces, at home or in work.

With a delivery service on many coals and accessories for your fireplace, we’ve built up a large customer base that has allowed us to provide coal to many towns and cities in the North West. Whether you’re in Stockport, Manchester or any town around, you needn’t go cold. Visit our online shop for pricings, or give us a call! We’re always around to provide great quality coal at affordable prices to you, the consumer. Even if you’re in a controlled area, we have alternative options such as firewood or smokeless fuels that will allow you to heat your home traditionally without breaching any laws.

With affordable coal merchants becoming something of a rarity, Pearson Fuels is here to provide for the everyday individual. If you’re considering using traditional methods, or if you just want to get that chimney working again, smokeless coal and other types of smokeless fuels (such as anthracite) will do the job better than any. If you’re in need of heat, give Pearson Fuels a call and we’ll see what we can do for you.