The Pearsons have been in business for a long time. We like to think that our business is synonymous with coal in Manchester. Our competitive alternative to the rising gas and oil prices has been used by many to fuel their homes in the cold winters, and with the Christmas months coming ever closer, it may be time to stock up again. We’re sure Santa is going to nip round for a delivery for the bad children!

Well, with our convenient delivery service we could probably make a trip to the North Pole, especially if he’s a little busy himself. Pearson Fuels get that delivery direct to your doorstep, be it that you want coal for a domestic application or a commercial spot. We’ll drive right to you, leaving us to do the work for you. After all, why should you have to bear any undue effort? So, with our comprehensive collection of smokeless coals and smokeless fuels there’s really a limitless choice with us.

If you have a heating appliance that needs fuelling, we provide smokeless coal and other types of smokeless fuels that will not produce too much soot (though if you get a little build-up we are happy to offer our chimney sweep service!) and are great for the job. As specialists, we guarantee that we would use every shipment of coal that goes to you for our own homes. In fact, many of us do! There’s nothing better than a warm hearth. Contact us today!