Coal isn’t as sinister as it has been made out to be and we’ve got a few reasons why, here at Pearson Fuels. If you didn’t know already, coal is one of largest and cheapest sources of energy that we use to produce heat and electricity across the majority of the world. It is infinitely cheaper than nuclear power, natural gas and other oil solutions, though water power is somewhat slightly cheaper. However hydropower has its own problems, and cannot be relied upon as readily as coal can. The stable source of energy that coal provides means there is no sudden scarcity of material to use, which is one of the main problems of using natural gas. There is a very plentiful supply of coal throughout the entire world, and it is nothing more than old wood that has been trapped under the ground for countless years. It will continue to exist there, and in the future it shall also exist. As such, many jobs are created from the industry surrounding coal.

Unlike other forms of energy, the amount of jobs that are required in pulling coal from the ground are substantially more numerous than jobs in other energy capacities. Transports are needed, aids to burn the coal to create electricity and those responsible of properly disposing the material waste produced after burning the product. As such, the amount of jobs created and paid for by coal are nothing to shake a fist at. Plus, the environmental impact of coal is lessening as time passes, with environmental responsibility becoming paramount to the interests of coal mining corporations worldwide. As for global warming, there is no sustainable alternative energy resource that can be pursued, but every step is being taken to prevent global warming.

Here at Pearson Fuels, we seek to provide smokeless coal and home coal to houses in and around Stockport and Manchester. Smokeless fuel can be hard to come across, but we provide an affordable, family driven approach to providing coal to heat your home. If you’re in need of smokeless coal in Manchester or Stockport, feel free to give us a call or contact us on our site!