Would you believe us if we told you that the harmless bacteria in your gut, E.coli, could be used to generate renewable propane? Though it is a finite resource, propane is used in many applications such as central heating, camping stoves and some motor vehicles. Obviously, we get propane as a by-product of refining and gas processing, but this new way of producing natural fuel may someday become part of the frontline in producing manageable and environmental friendly fuels.

A team from the Imperial College of London and from the University of Turku (in Finland!) used the bacteria to interrupt the usual biological process that turns the acids into membranes. Using different enzymes to change the biological ‘pathway’ they were able to create propane, though at a severely reduced amount that is gained through conventional methods, thereby nullifying its use commercially.

The ultimate goal would be to use this system as a way of changing bacteria in a way that would be able to harness solar energy into chemical fuel, though we are a long way off. Meanwhile, we have to make do with using anthracite and smokeless coals as well as other fossil fuels that do not harm the environment as readily as they have done in the past.

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