coal merchants

There are a lot of ways to store coal that people have tried over the years, and it’s always amusing to see the ingenuity of people looking to create their own solutions! We’ve even heard a tip that repurposing an old wheelie bin or dustbin can create your very own DIY coal bunker for free, but we’re a little sceptical of that one…

While it’s tempting to look into your own solution, there’s definitely risk involved. For example, poor quality coal bunkers or even repurposed bins might be initially cheap, but they definitely don’t hold up in the long run. After all, even the slightest failure or damage might allow moisture into the bunker and into your coal stocks, giving you fuel which is harder to burn and guaranteed to produce more smoke.

This can be particularly harmful in a number of ways, not least of all because of the steady wear and tear that excessive smoke can cause when passing through your chimney. By burning top quality house coal that’s been stored correctly, and the same goes for kiln dried logs, you’ll be able to light more fires for longer without having to call in a chimney sweep when your flue begins to clog up with soot, creosote and other harmful materials. That’s a big part of why incredible coal bunkers are so necessary!

Fortunately, we’ve got everything you could ever need in the way of incredible coal bunkers at a fantastic price, offering unbeatable prices for similarly top standards of quality, so don’t wait to have a look at what we could do for you!

Here at Pearson Fuels, we’re highly reliable coal merchants and specialists when it comes to providing top quality coal bunkers that you simply couldn’t do without. The top quality construction of all of our coal bunkers will ensure that your coal will stay perfectly dry and ready to use at a moment’s notice, so don’t settle for less than the best! Make sure you get in contact if you have any questions or queries.