Here at Pearson Fuels, it is safe to say that coal is our speciality. We know everything there is to know about this fossil fuel that was created millions of years before the dinosaurs were even a thought and now we want to give back some of our knowledge to you. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the budding issues surrounding the rock…

Why do we still mine coal?

It is no secret that the consumption of coal causes a wide range of different issues and at the top of that list is how the fumes that are given off contribute to global warming. With this said, many people still wonder why coal is used on an everyday basis. This answer to this lies with the cost. Carbon emissions are not taxed which means that coal is a cheap way of generating electricity and since coal is available in abundance, it remains one of the most used sources available.

How else is coal used?

Since it is so widely available, the use of coal is not only reserved for power plants. In fact, there are two kinds; steam coal which is used for electricity and metallurgical coal which is used to process metals like steel. In addition to this, many homeowners use coal as a source of heat in their home.

What is clean coal?

As the emissions that regular coal give off are harmful, many governments have been working towards creating clean coal technologies. This broad term refers to a variety of different ways in which coal is burned and processed in order reduce the pollutants that are able to enter the atmosphere.

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